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From Practical hands-on training to comprehensive certifications, learn everything you need to know about the most sought-after business and digital skills.


 We provide practical training on skills needed by organizations in this digital age. Students receive 90% Practical and 10% theory classes.


We do not run crowded classes. We tailor each training to the student’s needs and put each student first so a trainer is assigned to each student.

Digital Training

Why Choose Us?

We strongly believe that anybody can learn and acquire a new skill if attention is given to their personal challenges –schooling, learning should not be a competition

Our project-based learning where you are given a project to work on at every stage of your training ensures you learn, practice, build and create what you are learning before you graduate.

A trainer is assigned to each student for training, monitoring, and making sure the student understands and acquires the skill he/she registered for. Our classes are not crowded classrooms.

We are proud to say that you now have a computer training school in Abuja Nigeria that puts the interest of the students first.

Register for IT training courses in the best IT training Academy in Abuja

As the best IT training Academy, our IT training courses are practical hands-on training where you learn IT skills that are in high demand from the beginning to advanced even if you have not touched a computer before

The world of information technology IT is growing rapidly, and in the years to come in this digital age, we are going to see even more of a demand for IT skills and IT-related jobs.

We all have started seeing the dramatic impact information technology is having on the business world. Everything now revolves around Information technology.

Many people fear losing their jobs to machines and technology, but the exciting component of this transition is that it will create new jobs in the process.

What this means is that those who enroll in IT training courses and learn practical IT skills will have a better chance of being employed. Our IT training school in Abuja Nigeria is positioned with the state of the art IT training equipment.

Employee and Team Training Solutions.

Let us empower your teams to deliver every time.

Our training equips your teams to keep up with change and drive results in the new normal.​

It has become very important for everyone to learn computer skills no matter what they do.

Even if you don’t need to use a computer at your job, it’s important for you to enroll in a computer training center in Abuja Nigeria to acquire ICT and computer skills.


See what our students are saying about us

training review woman

“I enjoyed my time at the Academy. I learnt at my own pace and I have a recognised certificate to show for it”

— Faith Abubakar

traing student review

“The classes are not crowded. I had a personal instructor from start to finish and that helped me learn better”

Femi Popoola