Kids in Tech

The future is digital and for kids in tech. If your kids don’t have digital skills, like coding for kids, robotics, basic ICT, website design for kids, etc, they will be left behind!—- We know you don’t want that. Enroll them today in any of our ICT training in Abuja Nigeria

At Kids in Tech ICT training centers in Abuja Nigeria, we don’t just teach kids coding, robotics, website design, or basic computer, graphics design, motion graphics, video editing, and game development, but we help them understand technology, the basics, and the future of programming, how to think digitally, how to use coding and programming, technology in general to solve real-life problems. To achieve this, they need to learn from the beginning. So it does not matter the age of your kids, he or she needs to start from the basics and introduction if he/she has not known the fundamentals of technology.

Available courses for your child

ICT Seminars in schools

Introducing kids and teens to the opportunities in the digital age

Growing up in an ICT-rich environment means that children need to have opportunities to experience and develop skills in its use that will help them make the most of adult life. Contrary to what we often think, ICT isn’t simply about computers but includes anything that requires the input of instructions to produce specific outcomes. That’s your answering machine, mobile phone, DVD player, washing machine, traffic lights, and even speed cameras.

We strongly believe that awareness should be created for our kids and teens to know the wonderful career opportunities in Tech so that they can make informed decisions, become tech leaders of tomorrow, and have a wonderful future.